Force-Free, No-Pull Leash Training

Puppy Tutor Dog Training

Tired of being dragged down the street on walks?

"Please teach my dog to walk down the street without pulling my arm our of its socket."

As a professional dog trainer, I hear this way too often.

Then, they hire me for my help.

Imagine what it will be like when you FINALLY get to walk an ATTENTIVE and RESPONSIVE dog each and every day for the rest of your life together.

Using this UNIQUE, science-based, force-free method to teach loose-leash walking, you can...

  • Feel relieved that you aren't using tools or techniques that hurt or scare your dog to get it to respond

  • Reduce stress in the household by being able to exercise your dog through walks rather than struggling with the unruly behavior that results from it's pent-up energy

  • Experience a sense of connection as you are able to get your dog's attention on walks

  • Begin to enjoy your walks with your dog, perhaps for the first time

  • Feel energized after a walk rather than drained, more ready to tackle the rest of your day

  • Potentially reduce the chance of expensive vet bills by keeping your dog in shape through regular walks

  • Become the envy of the neighborhood as your neighbors wish they could do the same

  • SAVE A TON OF MONEY that you would have spent on getting help from a professional dog trainer to work with you

What You'll Learn:

  • What equipment to use that is safe for your dog

  • The difference between loose-leash walking and heel, and the appropriate times for each

  • How to teach your dog simple focus so you can draw it's attention off of distractions

  • Several easy-to-follow, illustrated exercises that build on one another to teach your dog to joyfully not pull on leash

Here's What Clients Say About Working with Me and this Ebook...

"I have nothing but good things to say about Bo and his training."


"Bo is very good at explaining things to us and makes it very easy to understand. If you need help with your Puppy I highly recommend Bo to help you."


"This info is gold!"


What's Inside:

  • An understanding of what loose-leash walking is and when to use it

  • Health tips related to walking

  • General training principles that apply to teaching your dog anything, not just loose-leash walking

  • An entire process that will be a blast for you and your dog that teaches your dog to walk without pulling on leash

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An illustrated, easy-to-follow ebook that shows you how to teach your dog to walk on leash without pulling.

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Force-Free, No-Pull Leash Training

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